January 27, 2020

Update 2 on my new year’s resolutions

You can only improve what you track and measure. Therefore, I journal my progress for my 2020 resolutions.

January running targetJanuary running target

- 25 books I finished my first book on the plane back to China just a few days ago. I have another book about 70% percent finished and a few more days to go this month. If I keep the pace and can even improve on it during the rest of the year my target of 25 books can be achieved.

- run 2 marathons, one sub 4h, one sub 3h I was very happy with my training up until yesterday. Even though I traveled a lot in January and had many good reasons to skip an early morning run, I kept my routine. Less alcohol, going to bed early, and getting the runs in early in the mornings definitely helped me to crawl towards my 250 km target for January. Yesterday however, I became sore and tired from the two previous runs which I did on Shengsi Island. The weather here is bad with rain all day long and strong winds making the run more difficult. Additionally the island is very hilly with the running slope crawling up and down the coastline. While I climbed an elevation of no more than 50m on my previous runs in the last few months, a typical run here challenges my muscles with an elevation of 400m. I am taking two days off from running, and need to run another 25k in the next 3 days to reach my monthly target. I am confident I can make it. training program.

- visit Germany once

I returned to China on 23rd and was very homesick” for the first 2 -3 days. I love China and find live to be very convenient here, nonetheless Germany offers me a sense of well-being that is different from China. Going to Germany just reminded how comfortable live in Germany can be too. The environment is more quiet, the food more to my taste and, the daily schedule more organized. Germany is a great place, and that’s why I need to go on a holiday there at least once a year, to let Jade and especially Eli experience it.

- go on a bare-bones camping holiday with Jade & Eli

it’s winter still and this is definitely something for summer, maybe before Eli goes to kindergarten.

- sleep 7 to 8 hours per night, aim to be in bed by 9:30pm

I am getting my 7 - 8 hours of sleep everyday, but a little later than I wish. Since were on a holiday right a lot of our evenings are consumed with bringing Eli to bed.

- use a scale to check my weight every day

No scale around while traveling. It will become become a priority to turn into a habit once back to home and at work in February.

- do not use my phone within 90 minutes of waking up or going to bed

It’s hard to keep myself accountable on this one, and no kidding, I will probably need to utilize an app to monitor my waking time and first use of cellphone.

- earn a promotion

I am on holidays right now so not making any progress on this one right now. Then again, it’s a holiday right now, so who keeps counting…

- write weekly progress of 2020 goals every Monday 5am for 30 minutes + 30 minutes diary

I did not write a report last week, and only manage to write on today on a Tuesday at 10pm.

I am behind on a lot of these goals thanks in large to the holiday season in China. The daily schedule is messed up and so is working on the goals. Once back home and back to work I shall be able to get better organized again and keep working on myself. It also goes to show how important work can be to regulate ones life.

To that effect, turn your goals into habits and progress will be noticeable and much more attainable.

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