February 1, 2019

Reader’s Digest Week 5 2019

Chris Burniske and Joel Monegro from Placeholder VC about the crypto-backed stablecoin DAI as a trustless credit resource. If you find DAI interesting check out Wrapped Bitcoin and compound.finance for a glimpse at more financing possibilities.

Arjun Balaji and Hasu, who are both worth following on twitter, with a retrospective piece on how fair or unfair the distribution of the first GRIN token is and how other coins compare to that.

Derek Sievers has inspired me to have now page and his latest writing got me started with my own daily journal.

Quality content journalism on crypto can always be found on theblock.com and this weeks’ review has a great opinion piece on the latest fundraiser for polkadot.com

One of Bitcoins weakest spot is its energy consumption, and this critical article argues even more so that Bitcoin is economically drawn to use dirty” energy.

Weekly Readers Digest

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