January 4, 2019

Shared Masternodes at Simple POS Pool

Simple POS Pool Shared MasternodesSimple POS Pool Shared Masternodes In search for an effective way to reinvest Masternode rewards, I came accross Simple POS Pool which has served me well in the last few months. Simple POS Pool allows users to deposit a plethora of coins into their system wallets and then stake those coins in pools or submit them to shared Masternodes. The fee structure is straightforward, with 3% charged on staking rewards and 5% charged on Masternode rewards. While Simple POS Pool is centralized and offers no trustless solution to pool your coins, it is trusted by a large community (+5.000) and has been around for the longest time among the big shared MN services. I use Simple POS Pool only as an intermediary staking pool for the rewards not locked up trustless on the GIN platform. Since the new year they support the creation of MNs worth >$100 and offer dedicated Masternode servers for those interested. So long as GIN doesn’t offer shared MN services yet, I will have to go with this centralized and anonymous platform. In the end, I am happy it exists as my risk exposure is fairly limited with only depositing my earned rewards, and I can take advantage of compound interest with smaller coin collateral.

Masternodes GIN

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