March 18, 2020

The case of the missing song :: if you ever had an earworm listen to this podcast

Maybe the greatest podcast episode of all time” - Guardian

I have to agree with the Guardian. Yesterday was the first time I listened to the reply-all podcast, but this episode made me smile from ear to ear and I want to recommend it to everyone who likes podcasts, has ever had an earworm, or loves music. So pretty much everyone, after all who doesn’t love music…

The case of the missing song” is a fanatic journey on finding the song that’s stuck in the head of a young man who remembers the lyrics and melody of the song remarkably well. But he can’t find the song anywhere on the internet.

I’ve been there myself before. Typing random parts of lyrics into Google and after an anxiety inducing search I finally find the track and listen to the song. Sounds familiar? I guarantee you will like this episode, where they literally go nuts over finding the track.

I subscribed to reply all, and you will too. Just go listen now.


music podcasts ocd

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