January 11, 2019

MARC price action

We have seen a lot of volatility in the markets again these past few weeks and my portfolio has recently dipped in USD value. Never mind however, since I’m always striving to accumulate more BTC. On that front I am really happy about the price development of MARC, which I wrote about earlier.

Since writing that post the price for MARC is trending upwards at around 9.000 Satoshi, meaning that one MARC MasterNode is now worth roughly BTC 0.09 or USD 360.

MARC price action What is more interesting to me though than daily price activity, is how the coin metrics develop. There are now more than 500 MARC Masternodes online, which result in more than 65% of the total circulating supply being locked-up. If this trend continues upwards of 70% of circulating coin supply, sell pressure for MARC should be drastically reduced and the price continuing its positive trend. The increase in Masternodes has also significantly reduced the block rewards I am receiving, which I think of as a positive sign. While my first 2 Masternodes spilled out rewards every 2hours, nowadays I have to wait for rewards ~8hours. Again, a relieve on the price pressure through those selling their daily/weekly rewards.

Now, I am looking forward to the devs at MARC to have some more good news in the next weeks and get the platform online by Feburary. As soon as daily profits from arbitraging will have to buy back marc at market price it should yield even greater for the price action of the coin.


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