February 14, 2019

Taking my profits from MARC

Yesterday MARC released their MVP which left my rather unimpressed and led me to reduce take profits and reduce my position by 80%.

I jumped on to MARC while the coin was dumped from its initial ICO price to 4.000 Satoshis and had a coin emission of 1.200% APR in mid-December. Since my purchase the coin has seen a daily peak at 15.000 Satoshi, during which time I had been able to reinvest my masternode dividends and increase my stake from 1 masternode to 5 masternodes with 1.000 coins collateral each. I’ve taking some profits since the positive price trend reversed while I was waiting for the major roadmap goals to materialize.

The MVP of the arbitraging platform yesterday is disappointing in two ways.

  1. The platform UI is bad and won’t drive utility/demand for MARC.

  2. Minimum investment is 1.000 MARC with profits of 72% APR paid out in MARC.

While my second point sounds not too bad at first glance, simply holding a MARC masternode currently still yields MARC coins at 640% APR. It’s simply irrational to invest via the MARC arbitraging platform at this time with coin emissions exceeding the profits multi-fold. Plus, the coin emission continues to pressure the price for MARC coins on the exchanges.

Lastly, the MVP is so unimpressive that I doubt there is real arbitrage trading going on in the background. I suspect the minimum investment is simply used to start up a MARC masternode in the background, fill the pockets of the developers with their own coins, and pay a meager dividend to the investors.

Thus, yesterday I’ve sold 4 of my 5 masternodes at market price of around 6.000 Satoshi. I’m keeping 1 masternode shared with an investor of mine to account for a possible upside of the coin. For the time being, I will compound my dividends from this masternode, instead of selling them daily, unless a major price dip of more than 35% daily should occur.

More difficult at this time is to find a promising investment opportunity, but I have my eyes set on some dividend yielding masternode coins like Trittium, Altbet, SafeInsure, Polis and Blacer. At the same time I’m evaluating an entry into the coins mentioned on my coin radar 1 & 2.

MARC Bitcoin Profits

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