December 31, 2018

Good News 2018

These 15 charts are exactly what i love Quartz for. They show us how 2018 was the best year in history to be alive. I think it’s so important to highlight the positive developments the human kind takes in all this craziness we’re witnessing every day. So what has improved?

  • the share of global energy that came from renewables passed 10%
  • some 6.7 million additional sq km of the worlds oceans were put under environmental protection
  • we’re continuing to save more endangered species
  • global poverty is declining
  • 90% of the worlds population now has access to electricity
  • global adult literacy continues to rise to new all-time-high with 90%
  • global infant mortality continues to drop to new all-time-lows
  • maternal mortality continues to fall
  • childhood stunting is falling
  • teen pregnancy is dropping
  • tuberculosis is occuring less and less
  • malaria cases are becoming rarer
  • one girl is enrolled for every boy in school
  • global parliament seats held by women at new all-time-highs with 24%

That is encouraging and beautiful to read. It is also motivation to keep going and focus on an area we’re still lagging behind: protectiong more of our environment and further closing further gaps of inequality. Cheers to an even better year 2019!

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