February 15, 2019

Reader’s Digest Week 7 2019

The Buttcoin Standard: the problem with Bitcoin

A critical opinion piece on Bitcoin by the author of the book Attack of the 50 foot blockchain”, (David Gerard)[https://twitter.com/davidgerard] published on the very fine Block Crypto.

Facebook makes first Blockchain Aquisition with Chainspace

Facebooks blockchain team is expanded through a acqui-hire of the blockchain startup Chainspace. I’m sure Zuck’ is going to mess up his expansion into the space of peer-to-peer, digital cash by NOT building on Bitcoin.

ABRA wallet introduces Bitcoin investment option for stocks & ETFs

I wrote about this news here.

Zcash bug could have been used to create tokens

While Bitcoins slogan is Don’t Trust. Verify.”, the centralized token Zcash will now have to ask it’s users to Please Trust Us. Cause We Can’t Verify.”

How Zcoin’s privacy technology compares to the competition

While researching more on the security of so-called privacy coins, I found this great overview on the Zcoin website.

Bitcoin’s taproot privacy tech is ready

Bitcoin’s development is not noisy, but the Bitcoin core devs are also hard at work on privacy features.

Saving fee markets with second-price auctions

One of the biggest remaining questions with Bitcoin, as the BIS has pointed out, is the fee market for transactions once block-rewards are halved to insignificance. The Block reports some possible solutions.

The Block’s list of crypto research tools and researches

A good list of tools to bookmark for yourself when diving deeper down the crypto rabbit hole.

Bitcoin is a hedge against the cashless society

This article doesn’t present a great case for Bitcoin, due to it’s transparent forever-storage of transactional data, but it highlights why (digital) cash will persist in the information age. On a side note, living in China, I find the nightmarish scenarios on Chinese surveillance exaggerated and not well documented. There’s more hearsay about Chinese policies than sources.

The case for electronic cash

This article by the great Hasu drives home the point why Bitcoin is your digital cash of the future.

The state of Ethereum 2.0

Some interesting insights into the inner-workings of Ethereum.

Circle Research 2018 Crypto Retrospective report

Quickly get up to speed or recap the state of crypto with this easy to read presentation.

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