March 22, 2019

Reader’s Digest Week 12 2019

You can soon buy a more useful version of the HTC blockchain phone for cash

Born out of the 2017 bear-market phone maker decided to build a blockchain’ phone. During the course of 2019 a phone with blockchain enabled features might finally become more useful. Just in time after Samsung loading their phones with hardware wallets.

How to achieve the same results of a professional bitcoin trader without taking the inherent risks

I swing-trade a little, mostly for fun on bitmex. Trading is extremely risky, even more so with cryptoassets and on margin. Longterm the best investment strategy is cost-averaging your position. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, buys $10.000 worth of Bitcoin each week. For starters $10.00 will do!

Bitcoin Has Saved My Family

An amazing story of sound money and how it can save lifes in hyper-inflated economies.

Evaluating MKR

Ethereum based Project MakerDAO with its stablecoin project DAI has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because it’s a success and failure at the same time. There are now more than $200 Million worth of ETH locked up in DAI CDPs. At the same time, DAI has been everything but stable and worth as little as $0,92 to the Dollar. Above article brings light into the value of the underlying token MKR.

Suspicious behavior on Kraken exemplifies the gap between crypto and legacy market structure

I’ve used Kraken a lot, especially for trading as it’s the cheapest platform to trade FIAT<->Crypto in Germany that I know of. Naively, I believed Kraken to be an exchange free of internal manipulation. The Block corrected my believe.

Saving fee markets with second-price auctions

One of the biggest remaining questions with Bitcoin, as the BIS has pointed out, is the fee market for transactions once block-rewards are halved to insignificance. The Block reports some possible solutions.

Schnorr Signatures & The Inevitability of Privacy in Bitcoin

A must-read article for all Bitcoin freaks. The dev-team behind Bitcoin is working on headache-inducing cryptography that is an evolutionary step for Bitcoin but could rectify two of the greatest shortcomings’ of the young currency: privacy & tragedy of the commons. Definitely read until the end.

I Tested the Saving Technique That Promises Retirement at 40

A fun little excursion into the lives and habits of extreme savers. Very disciplined, but nothing I aspire to live by anytime soon.

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